stop whistling from hearing aids

How to stop the whistling from hearing aids (feedback) #


What is feedback?  #

The whistling sound that hearing aids can make while wearing is called feedback. Feedback occurs when amplified sound from the hearing aid receiver makes its way to the hearing aid’s microphone and is amplified again.

NOTE: feedback while putting a hearing aid in the ear is normal!


How can I get rid of feedback? #

  1. Check the fit of the hearing aid
    – Can you put it deeper in the ear canal?
    – Use a bigger dome or a closed dome
  2. Check the volume
    – turn down the volume a bit


The In-the-Ear hearing aid won’t stop whistling #

If the In-the-Ear hearing aid won’t stop to give feedback, try a Behind-the-Ear hearing aid. This usually stops the feedback.

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